BLR Statement Regarding COVID-19

For those looking to help with the effort to 3d print masks for medical professionals, please go join this Facebook group for additional information: 

For those that don’t use Facebook:

The design of mask that is being requested by medical professionals in the area is this design. Due to compliance regulations, they need to be manufactured exactly as is. This is not the time to build a better mouse trap.

Once you’ve got a number of complete masks or frames, please reply to the DC206 mailing list and we will help coordinate dropoff/distribution

Should any of the above change, we will update this message

As a reminder, Black Lodge Research is currently closed to the public per Governor Inslee’s 20-25 “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” proclamation, We apologize for the inconvenience. Additionally we have not been able to sterilize and sanitize the shop and we cannot guarantee your safety. Stay home and be well.

-The BLR Team